Have you ever had second thoughts about doing a science practical? Worried about managing the class? Not sure what you should be doing? Or do you lack the equipment to do a practical?

In my first years teaching I thought all of these.

And then I did the practical anyway.*

As science teachers, we are privileged to be teaching a practical subject. Science should be about ‘doing stuff’. If your students have not got out of their seats, how is your lesson any different (in their eyes) to English, Mathematics or French?

This blog is here to convince you of several things:

  1. Not only that you could do practical science, but you should. And regularly.
  2. Practical lessons are not harder to plan, deliver or control than ‘book-lessons’. (In fact they are probably easier.)
  3. You don’t need large amounts of expensive equipment to teach a topic with a practical.

Let’s get experimenting!

*Well…usually! Sometimes we didn’t have the equipment, but that just needed inventive thinking.
Banner Image: Jean Pierre, CC:BY:SA, via Wikimedia Commons; Background Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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