Fast Fix – Managing Congestion

Control the movement of pupils in your lab to avoid congestion and prevent accidents.

In practical lessons, most accidents occur when collecting or returning equipment. There are lots of reasons for this but congestion is usually the culprit. Prevent this by:

  1. Assigning group roles to limit the numbers of pupils moving around the room;
  2. Spread the equipment out around the room at labelled equipment stations: eg. Glassware, Wet Chemicals, Dry Chemicals, Measuring Devices;
  3. Distributing plastic tubs at the end of practicals to each table for glassware to prevent glass breakages. These can be filled with disinfectant if required, or labelled with ‘Rinse First’;
  4. Plan specific ‘Tidy-time’ (more than 10mins before the end) to prevent students rushing to pack away before the bell.

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